Love Poem: Following the sunrays
Tasmina Hayat Khan Avatar
Written by: Tasmina Hayat Khan

Following the sunrays

Fables are told today
Only on past golden days
Love is what we’ll make today
Loneliness will be ashamed to stay.
Oasis as longs for rain,
Wacky me to get a swain,
Iambus we long to gain
Naiad I shall play again.
Gaiety will be brought back to gain.

Tabard you will be wearing 
Hallucinating, spell casting;
Earnestly I’ll be waiting,	
Surrounding your hypnotizing.
Ubiquitous glee will eradicate dark.
Never ending exquisiteness,
Rabidity seeing of such love you made.
Abashed cheek will make you a pearl
Yaffle of green love tree will sing a song
Sabbath will announce that holly concord.