Love Poem: Feline Filler
Brian Sambourne Avatar
Written by: Brian Sambourne

Feline Filler

Cat lights on the table, bling!
Can opener growl to open a tin
Tuna glide pounce for a troubadour sing
Cat stretches full length
A paw to each shoulder
A nuzzle to my neck now bolder
Soft blending purrs, caressing
Soft, slow lane nestling
Solicitous whimsical beauty
Self advertising cutie
Insular world of feline grace
Meal ticket playful embrace,
           a no default risk
Like a heart-felt smooch, brisk
Best hope for survival
          in scents of sweet revival
          when a tin can squeal
          is a laurel of love to steal
          for a status high creature
          securing fishy food nurture.

Poem revised January 29, 2021