Love Poem: Feeder in the Snow
ilene bauer Avatar
Written by: ilene bauer

Feeder in the Snow

Filled the feeder in the snow
Because, of all the weathers,
This one makes the search for food 
Quite tough for those with feathers.

Had to chase some squirrels -
Let them eat the nuts they’ve hoarded -
But then the birds began to come
And wow, was I rewarded!

Chickadees and sparrows,
Blue jays and a mourning dove,
Then a Woody Woodpecker,
A species that I love.

Flocks of little black birds
That prefer to peck the ground,
Crows above on branches
Where good resting spots are found.

Set against the blanket
Of the freshly fallen snow, 
I’m happy as I watch the birds
Who know just where to go.