Love Poem: Fallen Angels
Carma Sanderson Avatar
Written by: Carma Sanderson

Fallen Angels

Glistening Glimmer;
Glitter Gold to chase
The Pot.

A Richness Galour 
Of Fallen ANGELS,

..That Shimmers A
Love Featherd among 
A White wing spread.

To the pearly gates of
PETER I have come to
An understanding: agape'
Love is all around.

So bless those who
Will follow me, and fear
The ones who don't.

As I Step up to the stair
Way to heaven... To
Open my soul.

To lead gods exsample,
For he was known 
To retain all sin, and release
Them to his flood of Wrath...
Beyond the waters.

Against 40 days n' 40 nights,
To survive it's blasting roar;
I have become one with him
For he is my true father... For
He is Our only GOD!
Aboard boat by TWO'S.