Love Poem: Evil Confidant
Ian Petch Avatar
Written by: Ian Petch

Evil Confidant

A surface made of ice
Its fingers work into my mind
I run to isolation
But my darkness must confide

The perfect winter wasteland
The pretty flavour of my truth
I must despair for something
My life was formed within the noose

A lonely bitterness
I’ll justify my world for you
And when I make you go
I’ll split my reason into two

I’ll complicate my lies
Only so I never fade
But when this doesn’t work
I’ll slip back down into the shade

Oh yes, I really love you
I love that I can still exist
But your face is far away
And if it reaches I resist

Compare my every nothing
To the reality that’s me
We’ll find that I am dying
We’ll find that I must make you see