Love Poem: Evian
Helen J Radford Avatar
Written by: Helen J Radford


Crumbling with grief I saw you. 
Back turned, shoulders hunched 
and sobbing for your lost love. 
He had left you and he said he 
never would, his departure sudden. 

Through smiles and tears you told 
me of the warmth you shared - me 
a stranger, yet stranger no more 
as the story of your love evolved. 
You touched my soul, you touch me still. 

You unburdened you heart to me. 
Grief once locked away now liberated, 
free to be expressed and tumbling out 
willingly, so glad to escape its prison. 
My hand, my heart reached out to you 

beautiful lady wracked in pain. 
You felt guilt and feared you'd neglected 
him some way?  Yet from your words it 
was clear no rebuff, no sin had been 
committed, the purity of love was all I saw, 

and see now when I think of you and he. 
You were his wife in all but name. 
You saw him as he was and allowed him 
to take off the mask of responsibility. 
To enjoy simplicity, the reality of love. 

The rest was shallow, immaterial 
in comparison, a gilded mask of deception. 
His truth was you, the rest a lie, a 
carefully staged production performed on 
an illusionary stage for cosmetic audience. 

The real grief is yours as was the real love. 
What a gift you gave him and he returned to you. 
So lovely lady feel no guilt, feel only 
joy at what you shared, for some can only 
ever dream of caring as you cared.