Love Poem: Everytime You Go
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Written by: Julian Miles

Everytime You Go

You call my line I'll be there in no time. You're so one of a kind anything for my dime. All the ones before you were just a waste of my time. But with you its different and i cant believe that you're mine. You're the bonnie to my Clyde. You're the electric to my slide. And I'm loving your intelligence and love the way you ride. Plus i love the way you smile. The way you walk it drives me wild. Anytime that im around you i cant help but get all riled. See i'm no fool. Because what's cool is you let me treat you right. But when I'd try it Out with them other broads miss independent would fight. You needn't think of me stepping out cuz I'm with you every night. So every time that i leave out please dont be like. ( Everytime You go)

So I stopped the horseplay. Stopped the crimes. Grabbed a job and pulled overtime. Stopped overthinking bout looking fly. And focused on just me and mine. Then I sat sown and took the time. To go overdrive on my book of rhymes. Now aint that a real good reason for you to stop replying? (Everytime You go)Can't you see. You're my Chi I'm your Hidaki. All these other broads really want a G. I dont really want them little thots touching me. I only want it to be you and I. I know the punk boys before me made you cry. Everytime i think about it all I do is sigh. And show you a better life. At least I try. Now the reason for all of the things I've shown. Is I don't run with the pack I stand alone. Cuz when your back is turned all they do is jone. And make fun of the fact that you're in the zone.  We don't need them girl we good on our own. We're just gonna sit back and sip patron. So stop thinking i aint coming home.(Everytime you go)