Love Poem: Everything's All Right
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Written by: Emile Pinet

Everything's All Right

Waves slip ashore upon a curling roll splashing gently against a shallow shoal. And with a frothy cap of candied dreams cast the illusion of dancing moonbeams. Hearts intermingled in purpose and style share feelings secretly hid in a smile. And as converging silhouettes compete desires fuel the rhythm of passion's beat. Fears that linger in the shadows of night flee the rise of Luna's enchanted light. And drifting into memory, doubts cease, beckoning love's spontaneous release. Hurt and frustration flee a happy heart as time works to heal what tears tore apart. And hope surges as fantasies take flight, assuring lovers everything's all right. Like a mellow cello in tune with truth, the allure of love's music to the youth. For love's elastic, stretching past pleasure, its value greater than any treasure. (Rhyme) 10/11/2017