Love Poem: Everything has changed
Breanna Holland Avatar
Written by: Breanna Holland

Everything has changed

She was born an angel, broken down by the imperfect world of hatred.

New day; Head down, deep breathes, "don't panic" she whispers.
She hasn't been happy for quite a while, but it's okay.
People walk over her and hurt her without a care.

Such a beautiful angel, and the only thing she encounters is evil.

One day her dark world changes.
A light at the end of a tunnel?

She never looked for love, she always thought it was a lie.
She only knew hatred, although she wished for love and fairy tales.

He came into her life like a hurricane at the worst possible time.
He blew air into her lifeless body.
Finally she could breathe.
She's new.

Her soul mingled with his 
and she was dancing on air.
The feeling of his hands intertwining hers.
She wished for nothing more than to stay in his arms.

What is love?
She thought to herself, because no definition ever seemed enough.

To her love was like the feeling of hearing your favorite song.
You want to sing as loud as you can, but in the beginning you're afraid.
Afraid you won't sing the right words, and people will look at you
like you're stupid.

When you start to fall for someone you're afraid to do something wrong, you're afraid to mess everything up, and then they won't look at you the same.
In the end, you just have to stop caring, and give it your all.
Once you stop caring, you singer harder and it doesn't matter how badly you mess up, once you love a song, you never forget it, and same goes with love.