Love Poem: Everyone Tried To Make It Better
Caren Krutsinger Avatar
Written by: Caren Krutsinger

Everyone Tried To Make It Better

Everyone else tried to make it better
Offering words of advice.
The sobbing got louder and louder.
Finally, when I could take it no more
I pulled her into my lap and cuddled her.
She was a grown woman
Early twenties, I barely knew her.
She was keening now.
For a little bit.
I patted her back, and cuddled her.
Like a little child.
She got a little more quiet.
The sobs were coming out as gasps.
Pretty soon, there was silence.
We sat in silence for a long time.
When people tried to come into the room,
I glared at them.
My most fierce mama glare.
There was no more talking.
Silence was the answer.
Not advice.