Love Poem: Every Time
Beth Gagnon Avatar
Written by: Beth Gagnon

Every Time

Every time I see
You my heart skips a beat.
Every time I think of you I get 
Every time I look into your 
Eyes I fall in love with 

When I see you 
I feel like I am on a cloud 
Floating through the air.
When I see you I think of all
The good times we had 
When our eyes meet I 
Know that you still love me.
When we hold hands
I know that I am
Still in love 
With you.

When I 
Look at you 
I see the one I 
Fall in love with
The first time I laid 
Eyes on you.

I sleep at
Night you are the one 
I dream about all 

Know you 
Are the one
For me.

Are my friend
And the only one I need.