Love Poem: Every Single Night
Hansteven Selfa Avatar
Written by: Hansteven Selfa

Every Single Night

And every time darkness approaches 
And Earth swallows the source of light 
I begin to run in to churches 
To survive my lonely night 
Then every night I go and pray 
To revive the past through memories 
I close my eyes and to him I say 
"Bring her back, for she's everyday I miss." 
Because I had her during my happiest days 
Held her hand when it's summer 
Kissed her lips when it was May 
And loved her forever 
But when I was melancholy 
Our hands have never intertwined 
I have never kissed her passionately 
So does forever it runs in my mind 
This love that I spent every sunshine 
Disappears every nightfall 
I had you when everything is fine 
But when I'm blue, I lost it all.

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