Love Poem: Every Single Night
Veronica Ortiz Avatar
Written by: Veronica Ortiz

Every Single Night

Every single night, you layed right next to me.
Every other night, you made sweet love to me.
Every three nights you said you loved me.
Every week you called to see how I was.
Every other date, you didn't show up.
Every time we kissed, you forced yourself on me.
Every time you said you loved me,you werent serious anymore.
Every single night a body was next to you.
Every single night, you made love to her.
Every single night you said you Loved her.
Every single night you called her.
When You told her you loved her, you werent serious.
Everytime you kissed her, a spark lit.
Every time you go to sleep, she's in your mind.
Every single night your in my memory.
Every single night I have a heartache.
Every single night, I hate you more.
Every single nght I cry, because it still hurs..