Love Poem: Every
Ronald Karzmarczyk Avatar
Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk


                                                I will always feel so free,
                                                knowing you are in love with me;
                                                you will ever be in my waking mind,
                                                and in my dreams is what i will find;
                                                i will always be thinking of you,
                                                in the morning and evening  too;
                                                every minute of every hour,
                                                you will be my ivory tower;
                                                every hour of every day,
                                                in my heart is where you stay;
                                                every day of every week,
                                                your love for me is what i seek
                                                every month of every year,
                                                all my life will have no fear;
                                                and every year of my life
                                                i will have you as my wife.