Love Poem: Ecstasy
Fuhad Gaffar Avatar
Written by: Fuhad Gaffar


I know I'm a potential ex
Let's have mind numbing sex
In this moment we shall flex
My sex is me T-Rex

On your pussy I shall feed
To your word I would take no heed
Get under the hood like assassin Creed
Amma let the pussy bleed

I'm definitely leaving you rigid
Wake up don't get lucid
We make love....we sure don't need cupid
I  better than your ex...stupid

Just send a text you need me I'll pull up straight to your spot
I know life's a maze and I'll find my way to your heart
You always beat me to the finish when I give you head start
Even if NEPA strikes I'll navigate through the dark

FuHaD tHe PoEt ??