Love Poem: Early Goodbye
Rachael  Kibicho  Avatar
Written by: Rachael Kibicho

Early Goodbye

I'm just as needy as you are,
Maybe more so,
You thought you was narcissistic,
Look at me lost in my own world,
Unable to hear your woes about your own.

But I would never tell you such,
I know it would cause energy shifts,
Greater than the one now,
I need things stable,
Shallowly emotional.

If you keep drifting from me,
I'll create a version of you that doesn't,
I'm speaking to one now,
To suit my needs,
One that I'll hold on to for as long as I need.

And then I'll let go,
Finally, painfully and absolutely,
Because from thus far, I saw
That we will only last,
For as long as we remain to each other quiet and invisible,
And to ourselves, delusional