Love Poem: Doo-Wop
Jack Ellison Avatar
Written by: Jack Ellison


Isn't this a sweet picture my friends Sipping sodas after the hop Much too young to remember this music Doo-wop was Mom's and Pop's Was just a wee tike in diapers then Sucking on my thumb Still was quite the ladies man though Traveling around on my bum Seem to be picking up negative vibes About what I'm saying here Have I ever lied to you people before I'm not giving you the gears Okay okay I've decided to come clean Sipped sodas after the hop That's where I met my first true love First ever to say 'doo-wop' So beat me up with a bunch of wet noodles I've led you poor guys astray My evil twin is now running the show Lost control of what I say © Jack Ellison 2013