Love Poem: Desparity Of Love
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Written by: Rockman Pritts

Desparity Of Love

Living on the lower side
Of town just gets me down
There ain't no money
Ain't no work here to be found

There ain't no luck and I
Ain't seen no magic charms
The only magic that I've found
Is in my babys arms

Litter lines the city streets
To show how much we care
Flowers die and birds get high
From breathing filthy air

I look around and try
To see where beauty lies
The only beauty that I've found
Is in my babys eyes

People try to tell me
We're living in a fantasy
But they don't understand
It's real for her and me

They try to tell me
We're making a mistake
If that means loving her
Then that's the chance I'll take

Rockman  :-)