Love Poem: Desire's Menu
Peter Lewis Holmes Avatar
Written by: Peter Lewis Holmes

Desire's Menu

Eat me first, I am the entrée,
My pink, sleeping prawns
Lie in wait

Tempt my main course, dancing
As in summer buds, flowers of
Goujons, acrobats of love

Fire your lust, washed down with 
Blood-red wine,  stirring midst
Medallions of beef and more

Then leave the cloth, the dish, the 
Opened summer wine, to merry moth’s
Dance around the candlelight and

So we’ll not forget this menu’s 
List, this line of straining chariots, 
These happy concubines who wait in 

Line, as if by sentiment’s dessert;
Perch your ruby lips and tongue’s
Pink tip, and make a kiss on mine