Love Poem: Cupid Did Me In
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Written by: Rick Rucker

Cupid Did Me In

Cupid Did Me In by Rick Rucker Little Cupid did me in! His tiny arrow did pierce my skin! Not much bigger than a gnat, It changed my Life, from This to That! I heard wings flapping, then the sting, This really changed Everything! Since he got me in his sights, I've spent many sleepless nights! Before this, I felt adrift, Now, my Heart has felt his Gift! He had to wait 'til I did find, A Love that captured me Heart, and Mind! Then he took careful aim, A miss, and he would have been to blame For a screw up, hard to fix, How do you, a New Love nix? His arrow's course was straight and true, And made me Undyingly in Love with you!