Love Poem: Cry The Blue Ocean
Tony Bush Avatar
Written by: Tony Bush

Cry The Blue Ocean

The whale song resounds in each shedding tear,
  The surface lies stoic and hushed,
Each aqualung fathom compressed every year
  Blue velvet and casually crushed.

The parting of souls torn a sorrowful drag
  Of fragments of driftwood and sand,
And every cat tied in every black bag,
  Drowns out of sight of land.

When sapphire ashes sweep far out of sight
  Like memories failing to hold,
The bells make for chiming the onset of night,
  Hollowly ringing and cold.

The trembling fingers painstakingly laced
  Trickled tears that run through their thread,
We cry the blue ocean, alone and displaced
  When all that remains is unsaid.