Love Poem: Cotton Tree
Keith D Trestrail Avatar
Written by: Keith D Trestrail

Cotton Tree

All is bright, and I betwixt God and you,
  the kookaburra is in the willow,
and honeyeaters in the honeydew 
  flitter as I lay your breast and pillow.
You are my Venus, my Evening Star,
  sweet inveigler to the unpractised heart -
girl, all I need is to be where you are
  and never know what woe it is to part.
So we are in our beguiling sublimed
  by a divine ordinance or blessing,
but visceral love, like a woman’s mind,
  keep all mortal men eternal guessing!
Kid, you mean and are everything to me,
and I do love the stars in Cotton Tree.

       Written: September 1997