Love Poem: Conception
Titus Llewellyn Avatar
Written by: Titus Llewellyn


Seen as the epitome of human evolution
A miracle that creates it like from like 
Locates with a precision, awaits solution
Subconciously selects the perfect strike!

With intrigue to the further bounds of coy,
Composed from which the sight and sound
Of being there were duly, girl or boy
Are brought about from energies abound.

A chance in one, as lifetimes peering back-
Have seen it all before, and time stands still 
While intricates of DNA, both fast track, (ancestry)
Determination natures clasp of will.

The superceding passions from the force
Which brought about us seeing what is might
This private sector, social intercourse
Comfirms the prize in efforts of delight.