Love Poem: Coming Closer
Paul Willason Avatar
Written by: Paul Willason

Coming Closer

I've bridged 
the space between 
the page and your eyes 
with these words,
now they are easing 
their way in,
brushing past a memory
or a feeling, still fresh
from yesterday or lingering 
in the mind from years ago, 
a joy or a hurt, a hollow
that has never 
quite closed over.

I will rest here awhile 
and reach out
to that trembling
presence that always
seems to stay hidden 
in your shadows,
too afraid to draw near.
I will gather words 
to slowly shape
its face into form 
so that you may 
recognise who it is 
as it comes closer,
holding out its arms,
asking, after all this time,
to be loved.