Love Poem: Coffee Hobby
Andres Luis Bigote Avatar
Written by: Andres Luis Bigote

Coffee Hobby

Stay awake with me awhile
I'll tell you things to make you smile
It's something that I aim to do
A way of showing I love you

Like certain days I sit and wait
I'm always early, never late
Two coffees, looking at my phone 
And if it rings, some quick cologne

A little bit of a cigar 
I keep these things inside my car
Ready in no time at all
I'll be right over should you call

And just a moment's all I need
To see you there in front of me
I don't expect, but won't say no
To a hug from you before you go

A few more weeks and then it's done
I really liked it, it was fun
On standby was a great hobby
Twice I brought you hot coffee