Love Poem: Ceaseless Flow and Ebb
Besma Riabi Dziri Avatar
Written by: Besma Riabi Dziri

Ceaseless Flow and Ebb

Blessings from God granted with love and grace
forever grateful whatever we face.

As one is trapped into the Whole Heart Web
self and soul in a ceaseless flow and ebb.

Beauty and beast in fairy tales have peace
tender and tough feelings, no life of ease.

As rocks, into the heart, bring nature’s wealth
flowers magic in prairies not in stealth.

What is in your life a rock and a root
give one's all to merit, the gem, and suit.

Journeys into Life just to taste and Be
growing with Light and bittersweet honey.

As Nabis impassion hearts when they preach
the reed enchants avid souls beyond reach.

April 13th, 2019