Love Poem: Brenda Loved Brennan the Boatman
John Anderson Avatar
Written by: John Anderson

Brenda Loved Brennan the Boatman

Brenda penned a story about Brennan the boatswain in Bermuda
Who had bought a Bavaria 43 barque for a sailing adventure.
The story began with the ballad of Brennan:
'Come sail with me, on see-saw sea
Becapped, bedecked, emblazoned blithely, a blast!
Your love becalmed in my arms embrace.
All aboard, all in, with my deck I beckon.'

As the rollicking tale unfolded,
Brenda fell brow over boots, besotted, in love with Brennan. 
She found herself browsing more and more online 
Searching for 'Bermuda', 'Brennan', 'Bavaria Barque',
Hoping to find a real Brennan on board, waiting becalmed, with arms beckoning 
For her to embolden her text and join him.