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Written by: Line Gauthier


Deprived of hue by fog and silent death,
I long, I strive to hear your stifled call
beyond – cross scape – the cold of frozen breath
beyond our reach, beyond our mortal wall.

I can't forsake your life without regret.
The essence of a love that couldn’t die
might steer me wrong and rocky, lost, and yet
I can’t believe the stars would tell a lie.

Subdued, suppressed and muted, oh so faint,
I hear the fading whisper of your pleas.
Beneath a ghostly rainbow’s pallid paint,
I set my course, moon north, on troubled seas.

For you, my love, I’ll roam this earth below
for echoes of your love that haunt me so.

Submitted on June 29, 2022 for conttest A BRIAN STRAND PREMIERE CHOICE sponsosred by BRIAN STRAND

Read on air by invitation  ~  June 26, 2022  'POETS HARBOUR'

AP: 1st place 2022

Originally posted on June 23, 2022

(iambic pentameter sonnet rewritten from an earlier poem by the same name)