Love Poem: Belong
Squooky Path Avatar
Written by: Squooky Path


If we belong then it won't matter,
the obstacles in the way.
If we belong then no plan is needed,
and nothing is left to say.

Sharing dreams of time together
is not the same as day to day.
The imperfections of life
undermine all in their sway.

If we belong, how do we know?
Reverberations of the soul may begin to slow.
And the sudden chill at the sight of you,
lost like acclimating to something new.

If we belong, must it cause pain?
Long after a flood recedes, destruction remains.
If we belong, would you call it fate?
First too early, and now too late...

but time no longer matters.
Regardless of duration,
if we belong...I will wait.