Love Poem: At the Farmers' Market
Ilene Bauer Avatar
Written by: Ilene Bauer

At the Farmers' Market

Flowers, waiting to be sold,
Beckon, brilliant, bright and bold.
Such a colorful array,
Nature’s palette on display.

Veggies also strut their stuff;
One can never buy enough.
Fruits compete to draw the eye;
Hard to pass that freshness by.

Peasant bread and tangy cheese;
Scones and muffins, sure to please.
Home-made pretzels, farm-grown meat;
Supermarkets can’t compete.

Urban spaces seem to thrive
Whenever farmers’ trucks arrive.
We city folk appreciate
The bounty that their farms create.

It must take so much time to prep
And oh, the crates they have to schlep!
We love the peonies and phlox;
The Farmers’ Market really rocks!