Love Poem: An Ode To a Young Lady
Hashim Nizamani Avatar
Written by: Hashim Nizamani

An Ode To a Young Lady

As a youth of 
fourteen, I saw you 
With silky hair 
waving, waving 
along the cheecks,
You nodded, talked, 
moving hands, trod,
I could not hear, but 
lovely lips played.
Fancy I more, and 
more lose sense,
What charm, what 
what power you 
This sight I sought 
whenever I drearmed,
Nothing I want, if i 
see you once again.
Alas! What I call the 
destiney, that takes 
you far away?
The void feels ghastly, 
and mush is in tumult;
Wherupon I seek u? 
Whereupon I perch?
Loneliness my 
destiney, I am robbed 
of the rest, 
How long I live alone? 
How long tolerate?
Let me go 
unconscious, let me 
annihilate .