Love Poem: Air Conditioning Is Evil
Christopher Allen Avatar
Written by: Christopher Allen

Air Conditioning Is Evil

just take off a layer
or walk around
i am the archpriest
eating sugar puffs
i am the prelate
eating bagels
i am halfway
and halfway 
out the window 

the mother-in-law wants it off
i am not for sale
my successors are labouring
like hercules
the hidrosis is formulaic 
like glib one-liners

"it's bad for the bones and
you'll catch a cold"

bring on the catarrh
the indisposition
the bogeys
the runny front bonnet
and collectivist honk 
the towel over the bowl
of hot adam's ale 

seduce my soul my doxy
my concubine
a night emission 
i make love to the air conditioner