Love Poem: a word
Allan Kazembe Avatar
Written by: Allan Kazembe

a word

a word is like a pod
laden with a load
of meanings, narrow and broad
which if is to explode

could bite bitter like bile 
of a crocodile,
which goodies can curtail, 
and even derail.

that vivacity can dilute, 
misunderstandings, inflate.

it is chill, so cold,
so frosty, it freezes a flowing mood
a wicked discord
a bloodbath threshold.

yes, a word is like a sword

so sharp and vile, it ravages mighty hearts,
so cruel, it debases savory love.
it ruins. 
a word can curse.
but a word is a reward
that heals broken mood
which meals hearts devoid
that kills the art of  paranoid.

it is dripping dews of harmony. 
a word can bless.