Love Poem: A Time For Love
Izintombi Zamambo Avatar
Written by: Izintombi Zamambo

A Time For Love

Forget not to plant your love in my heart like the words that align when you speak. Convince me of the softest touch, embrace my troubles of past relationships. Revive my thoughts of you, for heartaches rent free within me. Detail me truths for truths, broken hearts freelance as lie detectors. Assure me in trust, I'll swim to your love that runs deep. Tell me, where does your mind go when conversations flow? Do you pillow talk with the soul? Do walks in the beach entice you? Allow me to teach you, a thing or two. Care to lecture me on faults, not neglecting your own. Bear in mind, I'm still human, in this life, I'm here to learn. 22 June 2022