Love Poem: A Pet Minichu
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Written by: Andrea Dietrich

A Pet Minichu

A Pet Minichu
(original title) Dearest Pet

Long ago - dearest pet -
a miniature cute white Eskimo doggy
I would get.

Great joy unfurled.
A light my doggy came to be -
my world!

Lots of
this he showed me:

Long ago - dearest pet -
a light my doggy came to be -

April 26, 2021 
for Mohan Chutani's A Pet Minichu Poetry Contest
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 Minichu format: Total 12 lines (4 stanzas of 3 lines each) Rhyme scheme: Aba, cBc, dbD, ABD. 4th stanza consists of repeat of: 1st line of stanza 1, 2nd line of stanza 2, and 3rd line of stanza 3. Syllable count : Stanza 1: 6,12,3, Stanza 2: 4,8,2, Stanza 3: 2,4,1, Stanza 4: 6,8,1