Love Poem: A love letter to my girlfriend
Lewis Raynes Avatar
Written by: Lewis Raynes

A love letter to my girlfriend

Imagine being good at one special thing, 
Distinguished in something you do,
When people want perfect done for them, 
Then you are the one they go to,

Imagine being able to pilot a rocket, 
Or play tennis or golf with the best,
Imagine being able to sing perfectly, 
Sing better than all of the rest,

I wish that could be more than imagination, 
More than a thought in the air,
I wish I was great at one little thing, 
And not live as a wing on a prayer,

Hang on, one minute, it just came to me, 
There’s something, I knew it, it’s true,
The one little thing that I’m really super good at, 
Is loving all there is about you.