Love Poem: A Bend In the River
Buhagiar Victor Avatar
Written by: Buhagiar Victor

A Bend In the River

I lay on the dry silken grass.
Tall thin reeds hide the sun,
but not the deep blue sky.
I watch the woollen clouds
chasing each other,
feel the soothing breeze,
listen to where the waters meet.
The river flows, a soothing strain,
sonority unrestrained.
Lethargy grips my soul.
I am loathe to move, 
I lay supine, quiescent
like a stick in the mud.
Forget the week's travails.
Little did I dream that
just round the bend
you too were resting all alone.
We could have met, 
and lay together, hearts entwined.
Would you have crowned my bliss?
Where you really there?
At last I wake and walk around the bend,
only to find that you were gone.