Love Poem: Upon cloven hooves
Pauly Plaster J.R. Avatar
Written by: Pauly Plaster J.R.

Upon cloven hooves

There is a celestial movement in our blood streams. A bird of hope singing in my rib cage. Choking on Holy Ghost ashes, I carry on this journey that is my life. Onward driven. Upon cloven hooves we ran, up the mountain on our sanctified paths to absolution. Upon elder cross we bled. Shedding dead skin. Eyes illuminated. She, the guardian of my heart. Devotion rests in steady palms. I have no fear within me,… For we forge our lives together as one. Brutish savagery is my hunger for you, for your love. Yet I harness it with total control. Gently I reside beside you, with total control. Animal instincts are deafening within my mind. Yet I stay silent, and hang on your every word.