Love Poem: 3rd of November
Stephen Kilmer Avatar
Written by: Stephen Kilmer

3rd of November

3rd of November
Sleepy day
Ragweed and bitters
Time drips away
Spigot of rum
Rotten limes
In the sink
Missed you again
Newspaper flies
Obits and sports
Lay in the dirt
Dog barks next door
What the hell for?
Cigarettes and coke
Scattered like quail
Across the coffee table
TV is on 
The news is not good
I missed you again
10 days have gone 
Since you left
I can’t get right
This buzz in my head
Adrift and alone
I call on the phone
To a voice I don’t know
Says you’re not all alone
Day turns to night
The “friends” reappear
Another night of whiskey and beer
I hope when I wake 
I won’t have missed you again
You are so damn allusive
This life you call dear