Love Poems About Rottweiler or Rottweiler Love Poems
by Jenna-Nichole Conrad |
Categories: allegory, angst, happiness, hope, life, philosophy,

On Kites

Consider me in the manifestation
Of Escaped Kite falls in love with Telephone Lines
And does't hesitate to feel the Rottweiler shock collar electrocutions
Before the thought:
"I am closer to Heaven then I was before"

by Itumeleng Cangua |
Categories: blessing, crush, happiness, love, romance,

Love At First

Love at first
That's how I felt
Like a rottweiler
Wagging its tail
And my crush
Disappeared in a flush
From that sec
I knew it was she
First time we met
A woman I'd wed someday

by Mark Koplin |
Categories: best friend, dog, love,

Lilly the Bugs

I have a friend Lilly, she's a dog
She jumps and plays when she jogs
She's a pit bull and sweet, she is quick on her feet
It sounds strange but she likes to eat frogs

She has the prettiest eyes of her breed
She's a great friend that's sure hard to beat
She's always got gas, and a whole lot of sass
I love her so much, yes indeed

She gives me kisses and hugs
Her playmate is a Rottweiler thug
She can outrun the beans, she's always first on the scene
Her full name is Lilly the Bugs

Categories: irony, racism,

I'm inferior to flora

I'm from human
the best Fauna!

I hate black skin 
I love aristocratic white

I'm with my favorite rottweiler puppies
by the flowers garden
where I find 
beautiful flowers are liberal, 
lavishly spread the aroma for all 
without discrimination

Oh! I'm inferior to flora!

-January 22, 2020 Chattogram