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Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: heart, lost love, may, red,

In the Sun's Last Glow

On her terrace where she once had viewed a crimson field, she stands recalling heroes who were battling their foe. She still can feel the terror! How her poor heart reeled thinking of her lover fighting on the field below, with others on that plain bathed red as the sun dipped low. The brave men lie in caskets which now are concealed beneath a plain that ran with blood, where bright irises now grow. She thinks of her own strong brave man, draped in white and sealed forever in a casket tooHe was her Romeo. The sorrow flooding her she had never thought to know. She looks down from her terrace with a heart that won’t be healed. The mighty dead now lie in grassy fieldsand lo! Around the graves are swords, which are green blades revealed with *purple flags that softly wave as a May wind starts to blow and she is bathed in red again, there in the sun’s last glow. * Purple flags refer to the name of the purple iris that resembles a flag Submitted for Mark Toney's '2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 25' Contest

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: happiness, love, winter,

Wonders of Winter

Look up!  Snowflakes appear in streetlights
   Hear children cheer as snow days are announced
Watch the powder fly during snowball fights
   Listen as faith through joyful hymns is pronounced
   Join snow angel brigades while on wintery landscapes we pounce

Walk briskly with me through the winter woods
   Where boughs of evergreens droop with white frost
Don your boots and pull up your jacket hood
   Let’s slide on the lake until our energies exhaust
   Then trudge back home as snow drifts are crossed

Place damp clothes on a chair by the fireside
   Pour a glass of wine and snuggle with me
Whispers of passion, ‘neath a blanket confide
   Lights from the fir tree fill our hearts with glee
   As you offer me your ring on bended knee

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, autumn, beauty, love, seasons,

Lost To Autumn

I thrive for summer, dancing free,
     Yet, when autumn breathes a sigh -
          Whispers deep, that voice, to me,
     Shadows stretch to kiss goodbye
The nape of August, bound to die.

     Seems the seasons know us best,
          When we ache for change, it comes,
     Bright-adorned, October"s breast -
Crimsons, umbers, scarlets, plums,
     Shades cascade in countless sums.

          Still, what speaks to me the most -
     Sharp and keen, that mistral, fall,
Shoulders back a youthful ghost,
     Dressed as then, in passion's pall,
          Waiting, breathless, for her call..

     Then, as now, my heart so beat
For the hope to catch her gaze,
     'Twas only there I was complete,
          Lost within her wondrous ways..
     Lost to love.those autumn days.

Submitted on January 31, 2019
To the "2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 14" Poetry Contest
Mark Toney, Judge & Sponsor.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, passion, romance,

The Curious Moon

A young man leads his girlfriend to a tree
one sultry summer eve as night is looming.
the branches of the old oak form a canopy
under which he leans in for a kiss, assuming
his new love also feels their romance blooming.

The pretty girl is innocent and shy,
but from the boy’s sweet kiss she feels that he
might be her one true love; more kisses make a sigh
escape her lipsHer inhibitions flee,
and touching him arouses her curiosity.

Aglow, they feel a passion all-consuming,
undressing one another as fingers fly.
The curious moon, with incandescence blooming,
peeks down from a star-bedazzled sky.
Young love with moon above shall never die.

Written 10/17/12 for Francine Robert's
Romance me with English Quintains Poetry Contest
and now for A true love -poem #2 - Poetry Contest of poet destroyer A

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: emotions, feelings, heaven, love, passion, romantic, spiritual,

The Sweetest Starlight

The Sweetest Starlight
You are the sweetest starlight shining across the ocean so pure
Moonlighting and enchanting my dreams with warmth aglow,
Touching gently my heart and soul with your beauty and wonder;
If we were together—I would hold you so gently in my arms and I
Would forever kiss your adoring lips with a passionate goodnight.

Love is a faraway queen rising in the morning sunshine’s warm rays, 
And your light glows brilliantly as the dewdrops glisten on my dreams 
Of pure sweet surrender and kiss the very depth of my immortal soul;
You are the light of Heaven's dream of a rainbow's flight of angels
Arriving at Heaven’s gate and coming to me on a beam of silver light.

Mesmerized I am as I embrace you as the heart, soul, passion and
Desire of my life—I see you as my true dream and my heart’s delight;
Feeling palpably your wonderful caress as you ask me to kiss you,
And to place your ethereal lips upon my very own knowing that
My heart and soul are open now to your loving heavenly embrace.

Gary Bateman, Liam McDaid, and Michael Clarke
A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
August 2, 2015 (Unrhymed Quintain)

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: lost love, nature,

In a Field of Gold

“We’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we lie in fields of gold.” - from Sting’s Fields of Gold One day in a museum, my mind on an old flame, I found myself mysteriously being led to a field of gold depicted within a gilded frame. In the picture, pretty flowers beckoned, a brilliant red. In front of it I stopped, thinking of my love and things we’d left unsaid. I blinked, and in an instant, I felt sunlight upon my face; then there escaped from me a cry of surprise and sheer delight! Finding myself engulfed by grassy sea, with myriad poppies, I thought how could this be? I twirled aroundYes, beneath my feet was solid earth! Above was azure sky. Spring was in the air, with fragrance sweet. I was in the paintingI did not question why! Oh, there was such beauty to make a poet sigh. I thought about a song from days of old - a song I used to hear on my car radio about a man, who with his sweetheart, walked in fields of gold, and I felt my bliss dissipating even though I could still feel on my cheek the sun’s warm glow. In the lovely flowered landscape, my time was nearly done. It would not matter even if this were reality! In fields of gold, I would lie with no one, and no jealousy would blue sky have for me, for even in my dreams, alone I’d be Written May 7, 2016 and inspired by the "Within a Gilded Frame" Poetry Contest of Broken Wings Recorded with voice in June 2016 for CT's Audio Poems (Spoken Words)

Poem Details | by John Streeter |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, lost love, love, angel, angel, me, time,

"In the heat of Pasion" (to Angela wih love)

     The first time I saw you, there was a glow about you
      that baffle me I-I just could not find the right word,
     "you had that certain glow about you" Not the way you walk
       nor the way you move, "but I believe in miracle's", yes
      I do - yes I do So finally I step to you and ask, would you,
       could you smile ? just for the camara in my mind so that the
      image of an Angel would be on my mind just in case the world
      ended (today) much to soon, much before time The first time
     I saw you naked Angela, my mouth got lost for words-but the one
      that slip through my lip's were (mmmunn) "what a gorcious women,
      breast like lucious melons", and a voice (sweet) like that of the ocean
     and wave's of heat and my idea of nerviousness brings trembeling to
     my feet's.
    "I do believe in miracle's", "I do not believe in love" Miracle's that it
       take to sustain a relationship that the odd's of longivity are against us.
      And we do become desponded, most of our day is spent fussing and cussing.
     Never to see true love at its best The first time our lip's did touch, I remem-
     ber this Angel who I call Angela, she had my name tattoe across her chest.
      Love, became the missing attraction, and you comfort me in my desire to ex
    press myself, for I thought I was so macho, never in a thousand years, "will I
      meet such a someone (?) that's such a women" A women (aaaah) such a
    women, "from her head to her shoe" 
       Now Angela just in case the world ends tomorrow Don't denie that there's an
       "attraction" O'Angela.....kiss me quickly, "In the heat of Passion".

Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: love, romantic, love, moon, romantic,

Destined to Love

"Destined to Love" twilight Moon cascades, haunting tapestry as hearts incline to secrets of mellow night clandestine caresses embrace 'neath canopy lovers silhouette engage in sweet romantic flight ascending to voluminous height. in ebony atmosphere, flirtatious fondling ignites fire as breathless succulence invades flesh and bone with adventurous satisfaction, love pursues deepest desire while sequined stars illuminate soft tone captivating aura of mysterious moan. forbidden fruit lies tenderly amidst dew-kissed heather hypnotic force of true love refused to be denied petite vision in chantilly lace and supple leather emotions escalate vast inner feelings to subside love conquers life, happiness cried. a lovers touch creates palatial garden of delight a beautiful expression accentuating rare romance inhaling fragile fragrance although their precious plight encircles pair in eternal dance succumbing to the power of temptation's trance. twilight Moon cascades, haunting tapestry gently, pure white wings of turtledove whispers an evening song 'neath lovely canopy while heavenly stardust shimmers from above smiling upon lovers destined to love. *For old romantic poems Contest.

Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: water,

A Sea Of Love

Swimming in tears of glee
birth from water - my child I hold.
Gently, carefully I cut her free.
The skies open, rain streams of gold.
In tears of glee my child I hold.

Her mother immersed snugly 
displays a glowShe flows, radiates.
I hand her our daughter our baby.
A sea of love opens the flood gates.
Our daughter our baby she flows, radiates.

Fluid are the feelings now fill me,
rushes through me like a lifeline.
We three, are now a family,
like rivers to the ocean, we combine.
Feelings now fill me, we combine.

Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Contest: Manassian Quintain

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: inspiration, life, love, relationship, sweet,

B-R-E-A-T-H - OF - L-O-V-E

B-R-E-A-T-H - OF - L-O-V-E Summer sun or winter freeze pulls heartstrings in trapeze. Cotton soft to gnarled callus vows have thread along my way embroidering ribbon actions to pliant swings of reactions like a darting fish thrilled to catch a passer-by knees. Two pairs of eye sew webs to bridge affection display, pines teeming green crown my arrested heart-- tachycardic I am..each time I hear your sound. Has breath of love tickled my nerves to interaction? Like a bee I'm drawn to your sweet ambiance 'round hoping by miracle it will birth me a fresh start. Scents that streams from bulbs swirl on wafting wind-- Ah! They all fell to shame for your breath of love tames. Once a rebel soul that long been thriving for satisfaction with breath of love that resuscitates, I mend my flame channeling muse to stroke the peak density of mind. Slender February breeze taunt my fingers to type rhymes that shy edge of reason. Eternally plunge in surrender I-- filled with breath of love ships my horizons to script stories in shades that lingers. ______________________________________________ ***Sponsor Shadow Hamilton Contest Name your Favourite Old Poem ++Placed 3rd++ ©O.EGuilermo 12:31 pm, February 07, 2015

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: first love, passion, romance, summer,

Sweats And Sweets

In one graceful motion, I lift my love on high
with all my strength, suffering and sweat
until hills fall in shadowUntil my words die
upon sweetened breath, I shall never forget -
I am fated to long for our lover's duet.

How can I break away, retreat from this -
a taste of forbidden love for my soul to graze,
to want eternally? For one summer day of bliss,
glazed, green apple eyes enticed with their gaze
while berry-kissed lips set lush fields ablaze.

In one fluid motion, I poured over you, 
drizzled my love like honeyAn impassioned sun
burned bold at midnight until Venus flew 
and beads of sweat fell from heavens undone;
until, no going back, we, two, became one  

When my arms lift you into realms higher
than I'll ever know and stars sparkle near 
like beautiful, new lovers to desire,
remember my sweat and sacrifice, my dear.
I lift you with waning days of sweet youth and tears

Written 6/18/15 for Olive's Sweats and Sweets Contest

Poem Details | by Lee Ramage |
Categories: caregiving, introspection, love,

Lighting My Candle From Within

I light my candle from within the more I give to you, An inner strength builds inside, it fills my empty soul, The encompassing love present when my life was askew, Needing a reason to get up every morning was my goal, Volunteering at hospice gave me more, filling a gapping hole. Written by Lee Ramage September 18, 2011 Contest by Paula Swanson “By Candle Light”

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, emotions, feelings, heaven, love,

The Sweetest Starlight

The Sweetest Starlight
You are the sweetest starlight shining across the ocean so pure
Moonlighting and enchanting my dreams with warmth aglow,
Touching gently my heart and soul with your beauty and wonder;
If we were together—I would hold you so gently in my arms and I
Would forever kiss your adoring lips with a passionate goodnight.

Love is a faraway queen rising in the morning sunshine’s warm rays, 
And your light glows brilliantly as the dewdrops glisten on my dreams 
Of pure sweet surrender and kiss the very depth of my immortal soul;
You are the light of Heaven's dream of a rainbow's flight of angels
Arriving at Heaven’s gate and coming to me on a beam of silver light.

Mesmerized I am as I embrace you as the heart, soul, passion and
Desire of my life—I see you as my true dream and my heart’s delight;
Feeling palpably your wonderful caress as you ask me to kiss you,
And to place your ethereal lips upon my very own knowing that
My heart and soul are open now to your loving heavenly embrace.

Gary Bateman, Liam McDaid, and Michael Clarke
A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
August 2, 2015 (Unrhymed Quintain)

Poem Details | by Kenny A Fledgling Poet |
Categories: family, father, life, love, mother, poetry,

Chef - Dad

If he were my Dad, he would be the best.
A distinguished Chef that taught me to cook.
An ever loving Heart, beats in his chest.
His spare time , he writes a Poetry book.
When its done; as a Poetry Family; We should all take a look.
I have a distinct advantage, in the Culinary Arts.
“Dad” was a self made Chef : Loved by Culinary : ALL.
You have an distinct advantage, with your Ever Loving Hearts.
We climb the stairs of Poetry; to the Poet Laureate’s Hall.
We spend half of Eternity, reading Poems upon the wall.

He's a teacher, a Chef, a poet; a husband that Loves his Wife.
Allthough she now lives in Heaven, as she has for forty years.
His heart has found someone new; that has given him new life.
Barbara Jean, whom I call Mom; has dried up past forlorn tears
He is a man deeply in love with everyone he knows, he loves all his peers.

This is a Quintain I wrote for Francine Roberts Contest "  English Quintain Contest
Dedicated to "Dad  and Mom" Harry DJohnson aka Harry, HG, Liege and Barbara Jean
Gorlick aka BG, Mom I wrote this Dec3 I added the third stanza today Dec14

Poem Details | by Isaiah Zerbst |
Categories: animal, butterfly, devotion, girl, love, sun, daffodils,

Fair Maybelle

Fair Maybelle trode through the morning dew
She peered through the foggy haze
Her blue eyes saw what I tell you is true
For the fog did part and the sun did blaze
And a pure white unicorn met her gaze

Now it may well seem it would run away
Or perhaps she would rather shy
But against her nature she hastened to stay
And an unseen cord drew her nigh
Till Maybelle's feet she laid her by

So sweetly Maybelle stroked her hair
She longed for her touch once more
But Maybelle ceased, and she left her there
For what a *wight could see, that her heart was sore
Till she meet her love on the Highdown *Tor

So Maybelle walked o'er the far and near
And her one-horned friend followed light as a bird
And they travelled on without a sight of fear
With but one care and nary a word
That winsome twosome persevered

At the long last, Maybelle heard a pleasant sound
The sound of a rollicking song
And the butterflies danced in the air all around
Whilst her love held her dearly and long
If it could, could it be that she was the theme of his song?

So the three of them lived in the fairyland *wold
Where the sun slips off to the moonlight's glow
Where the wind blows warm and the streams flow cold
And the daffodils thrive in winter's snow
Now here is the end, as you surely know

* Wight: A person
* Tor: A high pointed hill
* Wold: A wood or forest

Written 4/2/2013

Poem Details | by Pandita Sanchez |
Categories: love,

What You are to Me

What You are to Me – Five Lines
Always in lucid dreams, it’s you I see, ever like the North Star, constant and bright. My angel, you’re my heavenly delight! Your love, like truth, has set me free tonight. You’re my life and you’re most precious to me!
Envelope Quintet: Rhyme Scheme: a,b,b,b,a 10 syllables per line 06-22-2015 Contest: Five Lines/Metaphors and Simile Sponsor: Sara Kendrick Placement: 1st

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: fantasy, love,

Sing The Song Of Love And Loyalty

Sing the Song of Love and Loyalty Raven lurking in the stillness and quiet dark moon lit ashen mist, fog of night. Burst of sparkling electrifying woven blanket; Lovers spin clinging upon the wind laced secret intimate flight, Musical chant vibrates shape hidden in sound and light. ~ White wolf walks in courage by day, His lover black raven by night. Under the drunken midnight moon bewitching charm two lovers lay; Stolen moment of time freedom to hunger in delight. In concert howls answers the calls of invite at twilight. ~ Made to roam, carrying their spirit souls throughout eternity Their pleas ignored to be set free in their home; denied of their earthly life because of jealousy and envy of their song of love and loyalty. © 8/9/2015
Based on a tale of two lovers magically transformed into a wolf and a raven because of the love they shared for each other never to be together as humansOne would become human during the day the other at night thus they pursue each other around until someday in some way they would become human once more.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: beauty,

When My Love Arises

A sea of blue is in his eyes - a sea of blue and azure skies! His lips are berries red and sweet, and in his hair’s a field of wheat upon the pillow where he lies. Written June 20, 2015 For the 5 Lines Metaphor and Similie Contest of Sara Kendrick

Poem Details | by Caroline Cécile Delacroix |
Categories: love,

A Prelude

Shy is the February sun Above the frazzled fatherland However hearts are not undone Giving instead a warmer brand Holding one closer under the sun.
A prelude to Valentine's day.

Poem Details | by Nigel Fawcett |
Categories: introspection, love, on writing and words

Tailored words

In the dark light of this winter morn, I see
The clothes that I am expected to wear
(Though, maybe, the fault of illusion lies with me)
From overuse, have become threadbare

        Nothing there…

In a cloak of blue, I steal through these lanes
Measuring myself, roughly, for something new
A suit of humour, to cover my pain
A coat of hope, to stop the doubt shining through

        Do not fit true…

This protective subterfuge cannot last long
So, with the aura of my old hide, around me spread
(Without my own skin I feel so wrong)
In this cloth that is woven from transparent thread

        Words, unaltered, from my head…must soon be said…

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: lost love,

Deeper than seas

Deeper than seas

Depths of man's heart, deeper than the seas,
Constant turbulence, in the red that flows,
But invisible love, which no one can see,
Reflecting on cheeks, as golden after glows,
Much deeper than seas in the red that flows !

Dive deep within, to lose self to passion, 
Thoughtless mind, dare not say a word,
Rolling down the cheeks, tears in succession,
Loudest screams of heart, can't ever be heard,
Tears roll in succession, dare not say a word !

Trapped in a whirlpool, yet not seek an escape,
Living lifeless in no love, is as good as die, 
Letting go all emotions, is not real piece of cake,
Sweet sorrows of parting, till tears may dry,
Yet not seek an escape, till tears may dry !

Written February 2nd, 2015
For Craig's contest "Manassian quintain"

Entered for poetry contest " Theme #6- The sea- Old/New" by SKAT A
Awarded 10th place win

Poem Details | by Paula Swanson |
Categories: lost love

Old Photographs

One by one, with trembling heart, I pull out faded memories. Dust off the years that have no part, of what's left of you and me, saying goodbye while crying softly.
For the contest Five Lines Down Sponsored by Brian Strand Placement: 1st

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: lost love,


As our golden years began,
you and I made a pact.
In youth we once soared high,
but now our skin is cracked
and our best years seem hijacked.

When I was diagnosed with illness,
you were the first person I called
and I marveled at your stillness.
You didn’t phone for weeks; I was appalled,
being tossed away by one who’s fat and bald.

Looking for a replacement after four years.
the next day you were on dating sites,
Is your tired old photo being met there by cheers?
Pact-breaker, this just bites!
I won’t be there when they give you last rites.

Any woman you find won’t stay with you long;
sarcastic cheaters stay with their kind.
Perhaps another innocent will come along,
but your whiskey and alcohol she’ll leave behind.
Yours is the fate of one who by a pact won’t be confined.

*Pact poem for Paula’s contest

Poem Details | by Mike Samford |
Categories: lost love, longing,

A Self Silence

Oh! Have you heard a stone's grief?
An inward pity shrieked in vain
It resonate beyond belief,
like a rose's scream under winter’s strain
or crumbling of spirit by parting’s pain.

Echoes of longing for inner peace
the hum of want and wonder why.
A ringing in ear that will never cease
from a shrill of passion's passing sigh; 
silent as stones when they cry.

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman |
Categories: christian, jesus, relationship,

My Savior's Love

My Savior's love is a healing balm,
as He shelters me in steadfast arms.
His gentle whisper soothes and calms,
as the storms around me cause alarm;
my Jesus keeps me safe from harm.

There is no other that I  trust,
to guide me through life's shifting sands.
He knows I'm weak and made of dust,
so He holds on tightly to my hand,
and gives me strength for all life's demands.

For Brian Strand's Short Form standard contest

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: love,

A Knight

Shining armor clad 'pon a white horse
Eternally strong knight my love, my guide
Reign in, hold, steer my feeble course
Encircle with loving arms, shelter, hide
Now let it be known I'm your pride

Delighted in you, you're love constant source
Intriguing the very thought of you implied
Passionate moments spent no remorse
Incomparable joy, rapture when by your side
Touched, tasted of  tranquility yearningly tied

Year: 2012

Sponsor: Francine Roberts 
Contest: Romance Me With English Quintain
Written: November 5 and 6, 2012

The first letter of each line read downward
spells another word plus the first letter of year.

Poem Details | by Pandita Sanchez |
Categories: break up, heartbreak, lost love,

Tears in the Night

Tears in the Night

Flipping the pages, I silently cry,				
reeling from the pain of your “Dear Jane” note.					
Stifling soft sobs, I exhale a sad sigh,	
as my tears blot the hurtful words you wrote…		
but my bruised heart heals even while you gloat.


Contest:      English Quintain - Any theme
Sponsor:     Sara Kendrick
Placement:  7th

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: longing, love, night, passion,

A Love Spell

Hypnotized by moonlit tides, so soft yet deep,
he speaks to meA twilight gaze casts its fateful spell.
Every word surrendered to his fantasy, I keep
to toss upon midnight's shore like the roiling shells.
I inhale ocean's breath and body, waves of magic he foretells.

Beneath a stroke of endless sky, innocent days 
fall prey to darkness, enchanted by love's disguise.
His smile tempts the waning moon as castles crumble to decay.
And I...I am lost to myselfI, who once was wise.
Helpless in his arms, I've become one of his lies

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: fantasy, love,

Raven and the Wolf Always Together Eternally Apart

Always together; Eternally Apart
Raven and the Wolf

A raven beauty lurks in an endless banquet 
of shifting, ashen foggy moonlit night.
Burst of stimulating woven blanket;
lovers sail onto the last laced breath flight.
Rhythmic chants echo veiled in sound and light.

The black ominous raven flies by day.
Her lover, white wolf, walks by shadowed night
under the drunken moon; two lovers lay.
Stolen moment of time, hunger in delight.
The howl's that calls of invite at twilight.

Always joined; forever apart" to roam,
carrying their souls through eternity.
Their pleas ignored, for freedom in their home;
denied an earthly life of divinity
and their love stretched into infinity.


Ladyhawke is a 1985 American fantasy film directed by Richard Donner and starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

 "Always together; eternally apart"By day Isabeau becomes a hawk, and by night Navarre becomes a wolfNeither has any memory of their half-life in animal formOnly at dusk and dawn of each day can they see each other in human form for one fleeting moment, but they can never touch.
I've use a Raven instead of a Hawk

Poem Details | by Ronald A. Williams |
Categories: appreciation, bible, christian, god, inspirational, love, poetry,

The Days of Yore

       In the days of yore our hearts bore,
       the burdens of that heavy heart.
       Now our hearts are joyful all the day
       making merriment to play because 
       Jesus had that heart of stone rolled away.
       Declaring this forever, the Lord Jesus, who
       had the stone at the tomb movedThis is 
       so that we could view that His body was
       resurrected as He said; "Holy, Hallelujah, Hurray!”  
       Days now full of bliss in God

       Faith which is given; for whosoever will, will 
       Hope is framed with ornamentals of joy.
       Godly pleasures are bestowed: 
       ever moving to that bright perfect day.
       Past and present renewed and time is no more..