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Love Blogs

These are Love blogs written by various web poets. These Love blog links will open in new window.

Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
Great Information on Sonnets. Why I love them above all other poetry forms.Wednesday, November 20, 2019Robert Lindley
POETRY and LOVE a strand selectionSaturday, August 24, 2019Brian Strand
Rhyming Poem on Love Finalized-PrizesTuesday, March 12, 2019Lu Loo
FREE VERSE ON LOVE - PRIZE - FINALIZEDSunday, February 24, 2019Lu Loo
WOULD LOVE TO KNOWThursday, November 8, 2018Mark Toney
WOULD LOVE TO KNOWTuesday, November 6, 2018Line Gauthier
Thank you for your love and support.Friday, October 5, 2018Caren Krutsinger
In Love With LoveMonday, July 30, 2018The Name Forsakes Me
FREEDOM and LOVE (7)Monday, May 7, 2018Brian Strand
LOST LOVE (6)Sunday, May 6, 2018Brian Strand
FIRST LOVE (5)Saturday, May 5, 2018Brian Strand
THE NATURE OF LOVE (4)Friday, May 4, 2018Brian Strand
Free Verse on Love FinalizedThursday, May 3, 2018Lu Loo
I love wordsSunday, March 18, 2018Jim Slaughter
Free Verse on Love III FinalizedWednesday, November 1, 2017Lu Loo
“What will survive of us is love.”Monday, April 17, 2017Brian Strand
Do you still love me? Who said you ever did?Wednesday, February 8, 2017Daniel Turner
The Love of a FriendFriday, January 13, 2017Eileen Manassian
Pandora's Box And Love HeroinSaturday, December 17, 2016Sara Kendrick
A Special Poetic Birthday Blog For You with Love! Happy Birthday!Friday, October 7, 2016lg ds
Free Verse Love Poem FinalizedThursday, September 22, 2016Lu Loo
When Love Reckons For A Second TimeWednesday, August 31, 2016Nayda Ivette Negron
In which I discuss my love for the poetry of Radclyffe Hall!Saturday, August 13, 2016Christine Lehman
HOW DO I LOVE THEE part twoMonday, July 18, 2016Brian Strand
HOW DO I LOVE THEEWednesday, June 29, 2016Brian Strand
~~~Love Without Hope~~~ Finished JudgingFriday, April 1, 2016Sara Kendrick
"Love Without Hope"Friday, March 25, 2016Sara Kendrick
Learning To Love OurselvesSunday, January 31, 2016Lu Loo
To the Ones I Love at Christmas Time- PS DedicationFriday, December 18, 2015Eileen Manassian
You are invited - Enjoy the (Love Tune)Wednesday, October 28, 2015SKAT A
My New Love Song TOMORROW is based on one of my PoemFriday, June 26, 2015Ravindra K Kapoor
It's never too late to write about love.Thursday, May 14, 2015Asma Memon
It's never too late "PUPPY LOVE"Sunday, March 22, 2015Poet Destroyer A
What Would You Do for LOVE????Saturday, February 21, 2015Eileen Manassian
Unconditional Love’s Magnetic AttractionMonday, February 16, 2015john freeman
It's A Love Story You Would Love To KnowThursday, August 7, 2014Ravindra K Kapoor
SOME LOVE IT - OTHERS HATE ITMonday, March 24, 2014Sunshine Smile
Love is The Greatest Gift Friday, February 14, 2014Christine Phillips
Ohhhh I love Ghazals!Tuesday, November 12, 2013Debbie Guzzi
oops' Before I Forget... Thanks for all the loving SUPPORT love The Poet Destroyer Tuesday, October 8, 2013Poet Destroyer A
Just Another Love Song NOTThursday, September 12, 2013Debbie Guzzi
SHARE YOUR LOVE---HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!Sunday, August 4, 2013nette onclaud
The Secret of love Wednesday, June 26, 2013Poet Destroyer A
I LOVE YOU LENORETuesday, April 16, 2013HGarvey Daniel Esquire
First comes LOVE Saturday, March 30, 2013Poet Destroyer A
How to pass gas when your love one is around??Monday, March 18, 2013Poet Destroyer A
VEGGIES or FRUITS? & the VEGGIES my friends love and hate!Saturday, March 2, 2013Andrea Dietrich
Why Do I Love This Video?Friday, January 11, 2013Billy TheKidster
* WHAT LOVE LETTER?? *Monday, October 29, 2012nette onclaud